PPE: Designed by Kids & Teens for Kids & Teens



  • Delivery: 2 to 4 weeks
  • High quality
  • Contemporary design



We heard from kids & teens that it can be uncomfortable and intimidating to wear PPE. We heard from families that it can also be very expensive and sometimes packages and sizes were too large or cumbersome. Many kids & teens also told us that they wanted to see a little more creativity with their PPE. So we co-created a line of kids & teens PPE with kids & teens. Sizes, formats and designs were all borne out of a specific need to look at PPE differently for everyday use. These face masks are double layered, 100% Egyptian cotton. Our PPE are comfortable on the skin, breathable, machine washable and easy to differentiate by design. These reusable masks in a convenient 6 pack come in kid and adult sizes. Please place your order for shipping in 30 days to secure early-bird value pricing. If you are interested in customizing your mask with a logo, please contact our customer service department at customerservice@mccarthyuniforms.ca


Thank you for your gift-in-kind of BK3PLY surgical masks. Your donation will help protect our frontline staff during this crisis.

Ted Garrard
Chief Executive Officer
SickKids Foundation

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