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KN95 Mask - 50/Box
KN95 Mask - 50/Box

KN95 Mask - 50/Box


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    An N95 or KN95 mask may prevent infections but also protect the wearer from inhaling airborne bacteria or viruses whose particles are smaller. While they provide better protection due to their material, shape and tight seal, they also are most appropriate for health professionals as it can be uncomfortable to wear a true ‘respirator’ daily, if not required. Please note that due to necessary Health & Safety precautions, all PPE products including these KN95 masks are final sale. Non Refundable. We recommend checking with your workplace or school regarding guidance on if specific types of masks are required. If ‘daily preventative use’ is the goal, experts recommend a surgical or re-usable mask. Our re-usable mask is 100% cotton and available in mens, ladies and kids sizing for easy use, while surgical and KN95 masks come in one size and may need to be resized manually. For more information on masks, you can also consult authorities like the World Health Organization ( Delivery: 2 to 5 days.

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    Thanks to Greg at McCarthy Uniforms for the donation of face masks to our department and showing support during these times ... every box counts at this point #iaff #firefighter

    Niagara Falls Professional Firefighter's Association

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